History of Hadrian's Wall

This website's History section is packed with fascinating information about Hadrian's Wall, the Romans and what happened once they left.

About Hadrians Wall

Life on Hadrian's Wall

More useful links

  • Explore Roman Carlisle - by Tullie House - using interactive maps and timelines, object re-construction and entertaining games.
  • Tales of the Frontier - Visitors’ responses to different images of Hadrian’s Wall - by Durham University's Centre for Roman Cultural Studies.
  • UNESCO Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site. The World Heritage follows the edge of the Roman Empire. Ir runs from Hadrian’s Wall in the far north west, through Europe. It continues around the Mediterranean, Red and Black Seas and across the north of Africa back to the Atlantic coast.
  • Hadrian’s Wall and its legacy on Tyneside by WallQuest. This community archaeology project focuses on the easternmost 30 miles of Hadrian’s Wall between South Shields and Hexham/Corbridge.
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