Management of the World Heritage Site






Objective 1: Informed management of the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site as part of the Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site, successfully communicating UNESCO’s universal values.

Policy 1a:  Opportunities should be taken to raise awareness of World Heritage, and of UNESCO’s values and aspirations.

Policy 1b: Hadrian’s Wall should contribute to the development of common standards of identification, recording, research, protection, conservation, management, presentation, promotion, and understanding of each component part of the Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site.

  • Action: Contribute to the adoption of a common Management Plan framework to be instigated at partners’ scheduled revisions. Year 5 (Ongoing)
  • Action: Agree a common terminology or glossary, aiding communication and complementary management. Year 1 (Completed for HW, Ongoing with other Management Plans
  • Action: The Coordinator will support, attend, and contribute to the World Heritage Site Management Group and the Bratislava Group, as appropriate. Years 1-5 (Completed Yrs 1 - 3

Policy 1c: An overall conservation framework should be focused on the management of the OUV of the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site, taking account, where appropriate, of natural heritage designations and the historic and current landscape.

  • Action: Identify best practice towards the development of an overall conservation framework. Year 3

Policy 1c: The OUV the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site will be managed in a way that takes appropriate account of the natural and landscape designations that apply to the area through which it runs

  • Action: All those involved in the delivery of the management of the World Heritage Site shall, on a case by case basis, look to protect and actively enhance the features protected by all other formal designations that apply. (Ongoing)

(amended 11. 10. 2016)

Policy 1d: Active research and data analysis should underpin the management of the World Heritage Site. 

  • Action: Identify, collate, and analyse necessary sources of data from across all appropriate sectors. Years 2-5 (In progress)
  • Action: Create an integrated data management system for the World Heritage Site in conjunction with national and international partners. Years 2-3

Policy 1e: The Management Plan should be a dynamic document, periodically reviewed within UNESCO timetables, which provides a framework for action. Any changes to the Plan must be agreed by the Partnership Board, and the reasons for these should be carefully documented and communicated.

  • Action: Review Management Plan annually, documenting and communicating any amendments whenever significant change occurs. Years 2-5 (on going)
  • Action: Conduct a wholesale review in 2019, constructing a new document for the next plan period. Year 5 (in progress

Policy 1f: The Partnership Board will accept responsibility for the Plan and ownership of it, delegating action to the Delivery Groups.

Policy 1g:  The Delivery Groups will consult widely, if appropriate.  

  • Action: Establish and maintain a consultation database in Year 1 (in progress
  • Action: Explore and encourage community involvement with the World Heritage Site. Year 2 (In progress)

Policy 1h: Partnership Board reports on the development and implementation of the Plan should be regular and accessible.

  • Action: Update Hadrian’s Wall Management Plan website on a regular basis. Years 1-5 (in progress
  • Action: Produce a regular e-newsletter/report Years 1-5 (social media use (in progress
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