Communications & Marketing

The Marketing and Transport Delivery Group of the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site

The key objective 14 is: To maintain and enhance the attractiveness of the World Heritage Site as a destination for domestic and overseas visitors.

Policy 14a: Seasonal and coordinated marketing and communication should be used to facilitate visits and to increase the value of tourism in and around the World Heritage Site, while enhancing understanding of the OUV, of the steps taken for its care, and of World Heritage status.

  • Action: Establish a sustainable framework for the marketing of the World Heritage Site. Year 1 (Completed
  • Action: Explore with partners a cross-FRE marketing project exploring the messages of World Heritage Site status and of UNESCO values. (Year 4)
  • Action: Include conservation themes and advice within marketing messages, using positive imagery. Year 1 (Completed

Membership of the Group is regularly reviewed to ensure we have an effective mix of representation around the table.

Joe Broomfield
Allerdale Borough Council

Cris Brown 
Northumberland Tourism

Neil Carney
Northumberland County Council

Sue Clarke (Chair)
Cumbria Tourism

Roger Clegg
Hadrian’s Wall Gallery

Mark Ellis
Go North East

James Fell
English Heritage

Fiona Forsythe
Tyne Valley Community Rail Partnership

Sonya Galloway
The Vindolanda Trust

Nigel Jarvis
Hadrian’s Holidays

Debbie Kavanagh
Carlisle City Council

Lisa Kelly

Hannah Lambert

Jane Laskey
Senhouse Museum

Jonathan Loach
Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums

Alison Maw
Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums

Caitlin Olney
Tullie House Museum and Gallery

Kay Owen
National Trust

Leann Hay

Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums

Anne Ridley
Tyne Valley Community Rail Partnership

Kerry Shaw
Newcastle University WallCAP

Paul Walker
Carlisle City Council

Duncan Wise (Vice Chair)



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