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Iles Tours brings the story of the Roman Empires frontier alive with a range of guided tours available of this fantastic UNESCO World Heritage site. From two-hour and half-day tours of Segedunum Roman Fort through to the full-day excursion that truly shows the empire. Discover fantastic reconstructions of the Roman way of life – such as a section of the wall which can be viewed and walked along and museums that brings the Roman world to life. These tours are great for those who love history, wish to discover more about the Romans and being able to finish back in a city to return to 21st-Century life!
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We know that the best trips live on in the memories that stay with you. That’s why Iles Tours doesn’t do ordinary walking tours. Instead, we take you on a journey into the fascinating stories that have shaped England’s unique history, people and culture for over 2,000 years – and are still unfolding today. You’ll have fun, learn new things and come away with a great story to tell.
Hadrian’s Wall, the UNESCO world heritage site is the frontier of the Roman Empire. The frontier extended for 80 roman miles and covers many landscapes. We cant wait to help you discover this ancient world on a tour along Hadrian’s wall.
Set in stunning English countryside, you’ll discover how soldiers lived on this iconic frontier of the ancient Roman Empire.
Steel Rigg: Our first stop is the natural stone formation of Steel Rigg that the Romans built upon.
Housesteads Roman Fort: One of the larger forts on the wall, this was stationed with Germanic troops from modern-day Belgium and Holland, as well as Syrians.
Vindolanda: Vindolanda began as part of a chain of forts defending Northern Britain. Following the creation of Hadrian’s wall, it became a supply base. In the modern age, due to the fortunate conditions on the site, much of this Roman fort has been preserved. A great number of important historical finds have been discovered on the site.
  • Transport to collect you from a pre-arranged location (approximately 9am) and return you after the tour
  • Entry to Vindolanda Roman Fort
  • Lunch at the Twice Brewed Inn is included in the price (excluding drinks). Feel free to bring additional food and drink with you on the tour.
  • Dogs and guide dogs welcome
  • Suitable for schools and university student groups.
Available start times: 9am
Discover how soldiers lived on the frontier of the Roman Empire with a visit to the eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall and its ancient Roman fort.
Segedunum Roman Fort: Segedunum was the end of the physical line of Hadrian’s Wall. The troops stationed here were Germanic, from modern-day Belgium and Holland.
Great North Museum – Hancock: The Great North Museum has one of the best collections of Roman artefacts on Hadrian’s wall. Your guide will explain these in the context of Roman life in the North of Britain.
Entry to the fort of Segedunum and the Great North Museum is also included.
Available start times: 9:30am | 1pm
  • Dogs and guide dogs welcome
  • Suitable for schools and university student groups.
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