Cavalry 360 at Chester's Roman Fort - photo credit Lightly Frozen

Modern art inspired by Hadrian's Cavalry

The sound of 2000 hooves

In 2017, an art installation at Chesters Roman Fort and Museum helped bring history to life. Through sound, Cavalry 360° evoked the time when man's fastest mode of transport was to ride.

Hear for yourself

Check out this two and half minute long video:

You can read more about it in English Heritage's Cavalry 360° blog and in NEON's Cavalry 360° case study.

Community art along Hadrian's Wall

The Hadrian's Cavalry art project involved nine local museums and archaeological sites. Artist Karen MacDougall led communities along Hadrian's Wall to create original and thought-provoking displays.

Mobile Cavalry at Tullie House

Learn more about Karen's work with a group of vulnerable adults to create a Mobile Cavalry at Tullie House.

Chamfrons On! at Arbeia Roman Fort

Discover how a homage to the horses' heads gripped the imagination of Hadrian's Primary School in Chamfrons On! at Arbeia.

Willow the horse at Senhouse Roman Museum

Read about how Maryport Junior School built a 14.2 hands tall replica of a cavalry horse in Willow the Horse at Senhouse Roman Museum.

Guide us into battle - Roman Army Museum

Find out more about the Girlguiding Haltwhistle District's progress in making horse head armour for the Guide us into battle display at the Roman Army Museum at Vindolanda.

Pieces of Vindolanda

Learn about the process undertaken by Haltwhistle First School puplis to craft a mosaic in Pieces of Vindolanda.

Signpost cape - Housesteads Roman Fort

Weather and a complicated site were both conquered to install a provocative piece of art in the landscape creating the Signpost cape at Housesteads.

The Corbridge Wall - Corbridge Roman Town

Read more about the building of a different sort of 'wall' by Corbridge First School in The Corbridge Wall at Corbridge Roman Town.

Cavalry scouting party - The Great North Museum: Hancock

A Plan B led to an evocative display made with the help of Milecastle School. Learn more in Cavalry scouting party at The Great North Museum: Hancock.

Here Come the Cavalry - Segedunum Roman Fort

Find out about the work involved creating a textile project with Percy Main School in Here Come the Cavalry - Segedunum Roman Fort.

The next generation of cartoonists

Sample of Cavalry Comics

What do you get when you cross a professional cartoonist with school pupils and Hadrian's Cavalry exhibitions? The amazing Cavalry Comics!

Discover more

Uncover more about Rome's elite horsemen in our Hadrian's Cavalry section.


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