Interactive experiences for schools

Pupils of all ages are bound to enjoy experiencing Hadrian's Wall at first-hand with some focused activities. Here are some highlights:

  • Time Quest at Arbeia: Become an archaeologist in Arbeia’s TimeQuest gallery or enslave your class in the summer ‘Roman Slavery’ experience.
  • Murder mystery at Housesteads: Two skeletons are found buried at Housesteads fort. Who are they? Why were they killed? Use your powers of deduction and evidence gathering to identify victims, determine motives and find the suspects.
  • 3D at the Roman Army Museum: Immerse yourself in the 20 minute Edge of Empire 3D film. You will soar like an eagle across the majestic Northumberland landscape, over Hadrian’s Wall and through a thousand years of history. See in incredible 3D detail what life was like on the wall for the ambitious soldier ‘Aquila’.
  • Role play at Segedunum: Segedunum offers role play based workshops. Your pupils can become a raw recruit in ‘Roman Life in the Fort’. Or they can try out life as local tribe members in  ‘Boudica’s Britannia’  to discover more about the lives of the local Britons. 
  • Storytelling and drama at Senhouse: A dramatic cliff-top setting, carvings and artworks help inspire students. Objects, costumes and weapons encourage storytelling through poetry, drama and literature.
  • Workshops and Artefact Loan Boxes from Tullie House: Learn about life in Roman Carlisle through five special characters. In primary school workshops pupils can handle objects, dress up and try out some drama. Borrow a box for half a term and bring the museum into your classroom. Loans of replica artefacts allow in-depth and cross-curricular activities.
  • Vindolanda excavations: Weekdays between Easter and the end of September volunteers excavate the Roman Forts at Vindolanda. An archaeologist can give groups an introductory talk. You can then watch the dig, see finds fresh from the soil, and quiz the archaeologists.

How to book

Please contact the venue directly. Places are limited, so please book in advance.

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