Educational visits

The museums and historical sites of Hadrian's Wall offer fascinating learning experiences. There's something for every age group, from preschoolers to adults. Specialist staff can help plan and deliver activities including language, STEM And Arts Awards.

How to get here

Hadrian's Wall stretches for 73 miles from the north-west to the north-east of England. You may find our Travel times and distances between sites (PDF) helpful.

There are many travel choices, including train and coach. Take a look at our travel pages for:

To keep your students involved as they approach the area, why not hand out our I-Spy sheet for KS2 and KS3 (PDF)?

Types of visits

City visits

  • Carlisle
  • Newcastle


Mostly indoor

Outdoor and indoor



Need some inspiration?

Whether you're looking to focus on coastlines or hidden gems, our Visit section's suggested itineraries may help with your planning.

Immersive school visits

Want to offer your students the chance to dress up as Romans or become archaeologists for the day? Find out more in interactive experiences for schools.

Study themes

Some sites are particularly strong on particular themes:

Ancient religions


Epic landscapes

Historic context


Roman Empire

Roman objects

Roman ruins

World Heritage, conflicts and peace

More than just the Romans

Hadrian's Wall Country is packed with castles, science and art. Find out more in School visits - not just Romans!

Code of respect

There's so much we haven't yet discovered about Hadrian's Wall. Many treasures may lie under the surface in places not yet excavated. That's why we ask visitors to avoid walking on the Wall itself and to watch where they walk.

Check out the Code of Respect for more details.

Need group accommodation?

Once you've selected your site, their staff will be happy to share nearby group accommodation options with you.

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