Roman Experiences

It isn’t just a wall - it’s Roman life stretching across Europe from Rome itself. There’s much more to see than stones, and great places to eat and stay if you want to make a day of it or stop over. It’s worth the journey.

Start at Segedunum, Wallsend, where there’s a great hands-on exploratory for kids to play their way to Hadrian’s time, a big screen story how the landscape grew from prehistoric times till now, with a view down onto the graving docks of the old Swan Hunter yards.

Or Tullie House, Carlisle, discover the Wall was part of a frontier across Europe to the Balkans. A treat of a café to take tea on a peaceful terrace and enjoy the sun, while across the way is Carlisle Castle, originally medieval but re-using stones robbed from the Wall.

If you’re walking between mile-castles and forts it’s ten minutes to the Roman Army Museum between Gisland and Haltwhistle to experience the Imperial Purple in 3-D cinema, then follow the life of the lads based along the Edge of Empire.

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