Get Involved: Hadrian's Wall 1900

Get involved in Hadrian's Wall 1900

We are inviting individuals, groups, organisations and venues along the length of the wall to develop events and activity to be programmed as part of Hadrian’s Wall 1900.


Inclusion in the Festival is open to anyone who wishes to celebrate the creation of the World Heritage Site in a celebratory and engaging way locally, nationally and internationally to attract new and existing audiences.

Events and activities will be promoted as part of the Festival through a core local and national marketing and PR campaign. Organisers will be responsible for the overall delivery of their events and activities including funding, audience management and health and safety, and additional marketing.  

If you have an idea for activity that you would like to present, or if you want to present something but you don’t know what that might be yet, please complete the online form:

Proposed Activity Submission Form

Ideas do not need to be fully formed at this stage, so please complete the form even if you have no ideas yet for what you might like to do. This will ensure that we have the correct contact details to be able to keep you up to date. You will be able to update your form submission at any point as and when you have more information.

Hadrian’s Wall 1900 does not have any funding to offer for commissions or to support any proposed activity. We will however be offering opportunities to provide some support and networking to assist your plans and project. We recommend you complete the form so that you can be on our database to hear about the opportunities we will be offering in the very near future.


For potential inclusion in the Festival, events and activities should:

1.     Take place between Hadrian’s Birthday (24 January 2022) and the Festival of Saturnalia (17-23 December 2022).

2.     If the event is physical (rather than virtual/digital) it should ideally take place within 10 miles of one or more of the following:

  • The line of Hadrian’s Wall
  • Arbeia Roman Fort in South Shields
  • The Cumbrian Coastline from Bowness-on-Solway to Ravenglass

Exceptions can be made to these criteria for proposals of significant relevance.

3.     Have appropriate reference to the 1900th Anniversary of the Wall, exploring one or more of the overarching themes (ultimately, we are asking people to explore and celebrate what Hadrian’s Wall means to them):

  • The people of the Wall from all backgrounds
  • The environment of the Wall
  • World Heritage Site status
  • The archaeology and heritage of the Roman Army and Frontiers
  • 1900 years of history (AD122 to 2022)
  • Life on the Wall
  • Promotion of Hadrian’s Wall as a visitor destination

4.     Be suitable for a family audience, unless specifically stated otherwise.

5.     Consider accessibility requirements to ensure that the broadest audiences are able to experience your activity or event.

6.     Consider how they will promote diversity and inclusion and engage new audiences and new visitors to the World Heritage Site.

7.     Be delivered sustainably, taking into account their environmental impact using Julie’s Bicycle Sustainable Events Guides as a reference

Once we have full details of proposed activity there will be a review process undertaken by the Hadrian’s Wall 1900 Steering Group for inclusion in the Festival programme. As part of this review process, we will ensure that there are no impractical date clashes with other parts of the programme and that there is a good balance of activity and themes across the programme. In these situations we may request an amendment to a proposals.

Please note that organisers are expected to be responsible for the management, safety, local marketing and funding for their events, so please ensure you have considered this in putting your ideas together.

For further details please see the Frequently Asked Questions:  

(PDF for download).

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