Sustainable Transport and Physical Access

Objective 10: To develop and to maintain an integrated range of sustainable options for transport and access to and along the World Heritage Site.

Policy 10a:  The provision and use of sustainable transport to and within the World Heritage Site should be actively promoted.

  • Action: Review best practice in sustainable transport solutions. Year 1 (Completed, central sector
  • Action: Draw together a sustainable transport strategy for the World Heritage Site. Year 2 (Completed,  central sector)

Policy 10b: Access to the World Heritage Site should be as inclusive as possible.

  • Action: Coordinate an Access Audit for key locations on the World Heritage Site so as to identify areas for further enhancement. Year 2

Policy 10c: Site managers should consider offering incentives to those visitors who travel to their sites using public transport.  

  • Action: Trial and evaluate a travel incentive scheme. Year 3 (In progress, GO Northeast 10% Scheme) 

Policy 10d: Accessibility for coach services should be improved where this can be done without detriment to the OUV of the Site.

Policy 10e: The greater use of rail services should be promoted as a means of improving access to the World Heritage Site.

  • Action: Explore with railway operators the potential for targeted marketing on lines serving the World Heritage Site. Year 4 (In progress, TVCRP Marketing Intern in post

Policy 10f: The National Trail Partnership should invest adequate resources, and should prioritise works, to maintain the Trail as a grass sward to protect the archaeology underfoot and the setting of the World Heritage Site.

Policy 10g:  Options should be further developed to broaden the choice of subsidiary routes for walkers, and  for organised events,  (thus spreading any access pressures across the World Heritage Site) and to improve the quality of their experience.

Policy 10h: Hadrian’s Cycleway should be promoted, and steps taken to improve the experience of those using it.

  • Action: Encourage and, if possible implement, research on the use and experience of the cycleway. Year 2 (in progress, 72 cycleway improvements in Cumbria

Policy 10i: An integrated strategy for signage within the World Heritage Site should be agreed and implemented.

  • Action: Review previous orientation signage strategies and coordinate the implementation of provision. Year 4 (Completed
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