Sustainable Development and Prosperity

Objective 12: To ensure that World Heritage Site status contributes to the local and regional economies.

Policy 12a: The World Heritage Site should be used to assist in the sustainable economic development of the local area and should be an inspirational agent for change, contributing to the sustainability of the OUV.

Policy 12b: Whenever possible, organisations involved in the World Heritage Site should source local products and promote local produce to visitors.

Policy 12c: Relevant and appropriate initiatives that are likely to enhance and increase the length of stay by visitors should be supported.

Policy 12d: Initiatives that encourage environmentally sustainable provision of visitor facilities and services should be developed and supported.

Policy 12e: Relevant initiatives across the World Heritage Site that enable more individuals to participate in training, and thus to sustain and increase the level of their skills, will be supported.

Policy 12f: A comprehensive understanding of tourism markets and economic development as it relates to the World Heritage Site should be collated, maintained and shared.

  • Action: Establish and maintain bench-marked data for visitor trends across the whole World Heritage Site. Year 2 (In progress)
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