Risk Preparedness and Disaster Management

Objective 6: To pre-empt, where possible, direct and indirect threats to the OUV

Policy 6a: The Historic England specialist adviser for the Wall will be the key contact for the local Resilience Fora.
Policy 6b: Emergency planners should be aware of the World Heritage Site, and emergency services should take it into account in their response to an incident.
  • Action: Promote use of the World Heritage Site for scenario training by the emergency services to aid familiarisation. Year 1​ (Completed
  • Action: Annually check/update Local Resilience Fora with contact details. Years 1-5 (in progress)
Policy 6c: In disaster management, resort will be made to archaeological intervention, informed by the Hadrian’s Wall Research Framework, only if the preservation of archaeological remains in situ is not possible.
Policy 6d: Management of the World Heritage Site will take account of the likely effects of climate change that might threaten the OUV.
  • Action: Promote research on how the World Heritage Site might be affected by climate change, and how this might be mitigated. Year 2-5
Policy 6e: Managers in the World Heritage Site should aim to reduce their carbon emissions by the implementation of energy-efficient measures and should adopt effective policies aimed at environmental sustainability.
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