Protection of Undesignated Archaeological Remains

Objective 4: To maintain effective protection and management of the undesignated remains of the Roman frontier.

Policy 4a: Local Planning Authorities should protect or better reveal all those elements of the Roman frontier that relate to the OUV of the World Heritage Site, whether or not these are designated for protection.
Policy 4b: Local Planning Authorities should not permit new development on open spaces within the Wall corridor which contribute to the OUV.
Policy 4c: Areas that offer significant monument legibility, such as street- and settlement patterns, and which help people to interpret and appreciate the Wall where it is not visible, should be protected and enhanced.
Action: Develop and implement interpretive community heritage projects to engage with communities and to highlight the line of the frontier. Year 3 (Delivered across a number of projectsincluding WallQuest and ongoing within the WallCAP project))
Policy 4d: Where archaeological intervention is justified and cannot be avoided, Local Authorities should, as part of the Planning process, require from a developer full funding for the conservation and cataloguing of finds and for publication, archiving, and public interpretation. Where appropriate, they should also be required to fund fully the conservation of structures excavated as a result of development.
Action: Audit the achievements of develop- funded activity over the last twenty years, building on the work done for the Research Framework. Year 3 (Completed, peer reviewed as part of the Research Framework review)
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