Engaging with Communities

Objective 13: To enable local and special-interest communities to be engaged with the World Heritage Site and to develop the contribution that the Site can make to community life.

Policy 13a: Opportunities for greater participation in, and engagement with, the World Heritage Site by local individuals, by supporters’ groups, and by communities, should be developed and implemented.

  • Action: Proactively encourage community projects and programmes to utilise and reference the World Heritage Site. Year 1 (In progress)

Policy 13b:  Managers in the World Heritage Site should engage with communities in order to gain a better understanding of their interests, skills and aspirations, especially during the planning of any new initiative.

  • Action: Benchmark existing initiatives and evaluate future opportunities for community engagement with the World Heritage Site. Year 1. (Completed)

Policy 13c: The use of digital media for communication should be maximised and used to complement face-to-face discussion.

  • Action: Establish an online forum or network for communities and individuals to celebrate and discuss the World Heritage Site and to share experiences. Year 1. (Completed)
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