Archaeological Research

Objective 9: To develop and maintain a programme of research, in line with the recommendations of the Hadrian’s Wall Research Framework, the results of which must be publicly accessible and inform understanding of the World Heritage Site.

Policy 9a: The Archaeological Research Framework will be kept under review, and the priorities identified within it should be promulgated and supported.

  • Action: Review and update the Research Framework. Year 3-5 (Completed)

Policy 9b: Whenever possible, organisations and individuals engaged in research along the Wall will work in partnership and will co-ordinate their activities, taking the Research Framework fully into account

Policy 9c:  Wherever possible, non-invasive methods of archaeological investigation should be used in preference to excavation.

Policy 9d: Unless there are exceptional circumstances, archaeological excavation will only take place where there is full resource for the provision for post-excavation work, for publication, archiving, and for the conservation of finds.

Policy 9e: Archaeological research in the World Heritage Site should recognise the context of the natural, historical, and current landscapes.

Policy 9f: Wherever possible, opportunities should be sought to engage local people and visitors in the research process.

  • Action: Identify and initiate opportunities for further community archaeology programmes, throughout the World Heritage Site. (in progress, WallCAP

Policy 9g: To work together to develop a sustainable future for Roman Frontier research.

  • Action: develop an annual award in acknowledgment of excellent research on the Roman frontier (broadly defined) for any new research by a commercial, early career, academic  or independent researcher.

(added 11. 10. 2016) (in progress, started 2018)

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